GIFEW Leaders

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a platform of many leaders and a cocreation of a diverse group
of women and men who are all inspired by the Institute’s purpose and vision.
GIFEW team is located in various places around the world, and our backgrounds and experiences are wide-ranging: from experience within the business and corporate sector to experience in the media industry and the world of science. 

All women involved have been undergoing their own transformational journey and participated at some level in GIFEW’s education.

The main groups of GIFEW leaders include the Source team,  GIFEW Future Constellation Leaders, Advisory team and a group of people who have significantly contributed to and impacted GIFEW and its mission.

Source team

The source team is the core team of women holding the space and vision of GIFEW, and providing energy, direction and coordination to bring the vision to life on a day-to-day basis.

Bea Benkova

Founder & CEO 

European Transformation Leader

UK, London

Tatiana Benkova


Evolutionary Leader

Slovakia, Bratislava

Katherine Longhi

Program Director

UK, London

Sandra Epstein

Concept Designer

Brasil, Sao Paolo

GIFEW Future Constellation Leaders

GIFEW Future Constellation Leaders are extraordinary women and participants in the GIFEW Constellation Leadership program.  They are women who understand their purpose, who are tapping into their talents and strengths and who can clearly articulate their stand in life.  GIFEW Future Constellation Leaders co-create together through the sustainable eco-system that they have built in their constellation of extraordinary women.

Nienke van Bezooijen

The Netherlands

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Marie Soprovich


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Katerina Stephanou


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Wendy Schneider


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GIFEW Mentors Faculty

Mentors are globally respected world class experts from diverse backgrounds, who are committed to lead and contribute with their wisdom to GIFEW's transformational educational programs. In this way they are co-creating the GIFEW’s vision.

Dr.Andrea Pennington

Integrative Medicine Doctor, Transformation Catalyst

Sandra Epstein

Educator, Innovative Consultant, Creator of Araretama Educational System & Vibrational Essences

Bea Benkova

European Transformation Leader and Founder of GIFEW

Vik Maraj

CEO and Founder of Unstoppable Conversations, Transformation Leader

Gary Malkin

7- time Emmy-Award winning Composer,Transformation media producer & Speaker

Phil Clothier

CEO of Barrett Values Centre

Jan Polak

Pioneer of Purposeful Business, Founder and Director at New Business Paradigm LTD

Jazz Rasool

Expanded Realities (XR) Scientist

Advisory team

Advisors are respected people from multiple domains who resonate with GIFEW’s vision and committed to regularly contribute their strategic advice and experience. They also hold GIFEW accountable as an enterprise to stay true to its direction, mission and strategy.

Jan Polak

New Business Paradigm
Strategic Advisor

Michael Shaun Conaway

Founders of Storyworks
Experts on transformation and transformational media

Roger James Hamilton

Creator of Wealth and Talent Dynamics
Chairman of Entrepreneurs Institute

Phil Mead OBE

Phil Mead OBE,
transformational consultant and former president of a global multinational corporation

People who significantly contributed to GIFEW

These are women and men left a positive mark on GIFEW at its different stages of growth and development and in some cases still do. Their individual contribution and dedication to co-creating and fulfilling on GIFEW’s vision and supporting the institute at different junctures is highly appreciated.

Radka Dohnalova

Elva Ainsworth

Fatemeh Gorji

Sherrie Berger

Andrea Vadkerti