Extraordinary Women Leaders

  • women entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, artists, doctors, scientist or activist , we invite you.
  • Women who have a compelling and meaningful vision for the world, we invite you.
  • Women who lead people, mobilize teams and resources to fulfil that vision, we invite you.
  • ALL Women who are committed to making a difference in your community and on this planet – we invite you to join GIFEW


Transformational educational programs

GIFEW transformational educational programs are designed to: awaken, align and accelerate the progress of women leaders so they can find their unique place in the world. By empowering them to create their Constellations and collaborate effectively with each other  in order to create powerful synergies that build, magnify and raise their profile in the world. It is designed to empower women leaders to practice, co-create and implement a new culture based on feminine qualities.

GIFEW Global Certificate

By completing at least one of GIFEW individual, group, online or live transformational educational programs you will get the critical language and minimum practice of the distinction shaping the new culture. You become a GIFEW graduate. GIFEW Global Certificate is demonstrating the privilege of being part of  GIFEW community globally.

The Multi-dimensional Resonance Field of GIFEW’s

Joining GIFEW also provides exclusive access to the global community of Extraordinary Women leaders operating at this level.  The result will be an alignment of values, vision and commitment to transformation as women connect, collaborate and co-create together. You will notice the multi-dimensional resonance in the form of opportunities, quality conversations & people’s expertise benefiting and supporting you. Your participation requires your active contribution and living your commitment and possibility as a leader  each day.

Our aim is to be universally recognised as the authority on the certification of Extraordinary Women  by the quality of our educational programmes, and the quality of connection and collaboration that are forged within the Constellation.

Our unique approach is backed by our  rigorous research conducted at Harvard Business School. Over 150 of the world’s women leaders were surveyed, with detailed statistical analysis that included a broad cross-section of leadership styles. This research covered organisational development, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gender studies and positive psychology.

GIFEW transformational educational programs

The basis for our transformational education is a mix of diverse knowledge, unique processes, approaches, disciplines, skills and experience of the co-creators of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. Each of their distinctive journeys brought them together to share, integrate, magnify, establish and promote the powerful vision of the transformation of humanity—their common purpose. GIFEW education for Extraordinary women brings together diverse approaches that are integrated to create a powerful whole. Key elements encompass: Bea Benkova’s Vision, “to promote and accelerate the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women”. They include her coaching approach, her great ability to attract and connect people, and her extensive experience with prominent clients around the world, which are supported by the robust, global research on The Authentic and Integrated Women’s Leadership Model, co-authored by Bea Benkova, Elva Einsworth and Radka Dohnalova during Radka’s MBA studies at Harvard Business School. These two strands are further integrated into our unique modelling of the geometry of the Atlantic Rainforest. Sandra Epstein brings a truly revolutionary understanding of this biodiversity that expresses biological intelligence with sustainability that lies in the mastery of co- operation of all of the differences expressed in the plant species in the forest. Each plant thrives and flourishes because it exists in its unique, habitat in the rainforest, and because every other plant is in its unique position. The rainforest flourishes as a whole because of each individual plant.’s ideal sustainability.

The Global Institute’s transformational education is delivered using the latest technologies to facilitate the experience of learning, while promoting collaboration among these Extraordinary Women on a local, national and global scale. The programmes include online tools, multimedia and face-to-face events.

The Three Levels of Operation

Based on our research, we concluded that women who produce results and deliver on their commitment to make a difference in the world operate at three levels of relationships: ‘Relationship to myself’, ‘Relationship to others’, and ‘Relationship to the world’. We noted that in order for us to empower women to contribute to the best of their potential, we needed to empower women to address all three levels.

Relationship to myself

At this level the you or any woman is effective in creating and living a life that fulfils her personally, a life she loves that fulfils her. The Global Institute works with such women to help them gain insight into their talent and passion, and to discover (or rediscover) their energy, resilience, and develop their ability to combine all positive aspects of their life.

Relationship to others

At this level, the woman is building her own Constellation, by acting on her commitment to contribute through projects. We work with women to increase their impact at this level, empowering such women to lead and influence others .

How ?

  • By being visible,  communicators who  inspire others to action
  • By having productive commitment to focus, be efficient, prioritise and deliver promised projects,
  • to pursue and nurture empowering relationships.

Relationship to the world

At this level, the woman is living her purpose, contributing and creating impact at a national or global level, regardless of whether her contribution is publicly recognised or not. While the implications at this level overlap with the level above (‘Relationship to Others’), the focus here is on empowering women to maximise their reach by leveraging others, who will in turn empower even more individuals or groups. These groups may not be directly connected to the woman operating at the level of ‘ Relationship to the World,’ but her impact will be felt strongly.

The Three Categories of Stars

Within the Constellation, these levels also equate to three categories of ‘Stars.    The women we work with are broadly able to identify themselves closest to one of these categories of Stars:

Awakening Stars

Women in this category are discovering their purpose, passion and talents and are committed to their growth, development and action in these areas. Such women may be actively producing results in their work, career or business, and yet they remain unfulfilled. If you are facing problems, questions, dilemmas or tensions in your life, or are feeling dissatisfied, you may be an Awakening Star.

Rising Stars

Women in this category are clear about their purpose, passion and talents, and are already taking actions to move forward in producing results in these areas. Rising Stars can often be recognised as women who are actively mobilising their communities and building their Constellations.

Shining Stars

Women in this category are recognised leaders in their area of contribution, who are living their purpose and actively building their legacy.  They are pioneers, who lead the way and are reference points and role models for others.

Moving through the spectrum from Awakening Star all the way to Shining Star is a very exciting process that awakens the woman’s full potential and brings fulfilment at the deepest level.

A Word About Stars: The Fusion Process

The Vision of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women speaks about the Constellation of Extraordinary Women, which is made up of Stars. Stars shine brightly, bringing light and energy to their communities. Stars represent women leaders who are living their purpose and fulfilling their potential.

In astronomy, there is a long process involved in the transformation of an entity into a star. The starting point is fusion. A star is born when atoms of light elements are squeezed under enough pressure for their nuclei to undergo fusion. All stars are the result of a balance of forces: the force of gravity compresses atoms in interstellar gas until the fusion reactions begin. Once the fusion reactions begin, they in turn exert an outward pressure. As long as the inward force of gravity and the outward force generated by the fusion reactions are equal, the star remains stable and starts to shine.

Like the astronomical star, a woman engaged in her journey to igniting as a Star in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women must undergo a series of processes, whereby they integrate all three levels of operation: ‘Relationship to myself’, ‘Relationship to Others’, and ‘Relationship to the World’. The initial stage of that process is a ‘fusion’ of internal examination, reflection and inquiry into her talents, passion and purpose, together with listening intently for external signals and input, such as the purpose that is calling the woman, and other people she attracts or with whom she resonates, who may offer advice or guidance, or with whom she might collaborate in some way.

Being ignited as a Star is a process of discovering, or perhaps rediscovering, building and creating, guided by a deep commitment to your personal truth and high levels of openness and honesty. At the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, we work step by step with women to awaken as Stars, or to rise in their journey as Stars, or to shine brilliantly as Stars, with clarity and energy.

How We Empower Women

At the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, our process  encompasses empowering women to operate on the three levels through discovering and strengthening the following:

Clarity of Purpose and Commitment—we work to empower women to become clear about their ‘Why’ and define their commitment to the world.

Listening and Sharing—the women we work with are empowered to communicate powerfully their commitment to others, and to listen for contribution from others. This may involve an upgrade in their quality of listening and sharing.

Vibrate What You Stand For—our unique training, education, coupled with vibrational essences from the Atlantic Rainforest enable women to go beyond ‘regular’ communication and sharing who they are and what they stand for, to vibrating their message, their purpose.

Create Resonance—others pick up on what we are vibrating, creating a new network of powerful communication and conversation that inspires and moves others to action.

Create a New Reality—ultimately, we are empowering Extraordinary Women to create a vortex of transformation: a new culture.

The Importance of Vibration

Vibration is a critical part of our education at the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. The vibrational rainforest essences form part of our approach in developing the women we work with and empower, as the essences themselves vibrate the intelligence of the rainforest.

When we are vibrating and resonating who we are, we have an impact on others that goes far beyond normal speaking, conversation or communication. Our ability to connect, to move and inspire is massively enhanced. Research at the Institute of HeartMath* informs us that:

“…the rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions… there is now evidence that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions likely contribute to the “magnetic” attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social exchanges and relationships. Moreover, it appears that the heart’s field plays an important role in communicating physiological, psychological, and social information between individuals.”

We are committed to educating Extraordinary Women about what it means to vibrate their message, and to work with them to awaken, develop and integrate their power to in doing so. Women operating at the level of vibrating what they stand for optimise their capacity to fulfil on their purpose in the world. As a community, we optimise and strengthen our capacity to deliver our Vision of the transformation of humanity.

Key Principles for the Environment of the Constellation

There are key principles that are critical to powerfully translate the Constellation’s vision into reality, while at the same time ensuring an enjoyable experience. Operating at the highest level should not feel like a struggle, or a chore!

1. Commitment, Responsibility and Integrity

Do what you say you will do, and be responsible for what you stand for. Every woman has to be fully engaged and dedicated to herself and others to get results. She must be committed to the vision of the Institute and maintain integrity in all actions she takes.

2. Producing Results

Transformation of the planet is not possible without action. The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women’s innovative programmes provide a powerful platform for the education of women but also for collaboration with one another so we all take powerful actions individually and collectively that produce measurable results in the real world.

3. Collaboration

The Global Institute’s education is not only education at the ‘Relationship to Myself’ level. The education empowers you to collaborate who you are at the level of your community, as well as nationally and globally. Our programmes connect clusters of women forging highly effective and productive quality relationships.

4. Work as Pleasure

We believe that when operating at this level, people undergo a shift in their experience of work and other committed activities—from an experience of obligation, necessity or a means to an end, to one of pleasure, joy, and fulfilment. Such women continue to develop and express their potential, creating a virtuous circle of personal growth of fulfilment, creating impactful individual action, and collective contribution to the world.

5. Personal Fulfilment

Empowering women to work collaboratively towards a common purpose is a core element of the Global Institute’s philosophy. Working on that which they are deeply passionate, is fulfilling for all participating in that collaboration. In turn, women who are inspired to contribute are not only fulfilled but they are more likely to have the energy, vitality and dynamism to make an even greater contribution.

What is GIFEW about

How do we work with women



Araretama Essencias Narurais Ltd., Brazil

An Educator in essence and action and an innovative consultant for these new times, Sandra Epstein has the experience and ability to implement creative solutions that establish cooperation and balance amidst diversity.

This comes from her extensive research on the biological intelligence of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, a living example of cooperation with respect for differences between species. The principles and wisdom embodied by this forest are urgently needed, if humanity is to truly evolve and thrive.

Based on these principles and wisdom, where creativity, flexibility, empathy and responsibility are the vortex of a healthy society, she has developed multifaceted work and offerings. Her company, Ararȇtama, brings together her research on flowers and plants through a special line of vibrational essences and cosmetics and a range of integrative educational projects.

Rainforest Wisdom offers us a model on how to transform amidst diversity through creative cooperation

As a species, we are instinctively oriented to separate ourselves from others that are different in race and culture. The very opposite happens in the Atlantic Rainforest: plants come together and it is through their differences that they build a whole tapestry of life, weaving a complex web that supports creative survival and abundance.

In this moment in history, when the pillars of the current model of society are being deeply questioned, this forest is a legacy of wisdom.  Its wisdom is present inside the Araretama vibrational essences, as well as in the Araretama educational platform.

Rainforest wisdom gave birth to Araretama education

(www.araretama.com.br ; www.araretama.cz)

The Araretama System, a Therapeutic and Educational Platform, brings forth Sandra Epstein’s research on the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Through her studies, she developed a whole paradigm to collaborate with the creation of a new planetary culture using the biological social behaviors from plants, as an example of collaboration for humanity’s evolution.

In the past 15 years, along with the research, Sandra put together and formatted this System and prepared its programs for entrepreneurs, companies, groups of women, groups seeking self- knowledge, educational and social work groups. Its methodology contemplates the integration of our instinctive, emotional and intellectual expressions, as well as the three ecologies: we improve as an individual on a daily basis, taking care of our internal biodiversity; we refine our relations and seek good quality levels of affection, contributing somehow with the community in projects, volunteering work, and becoming role models for what we believe in.

An Intelectual part of this three ecology-methodology, as Araretama presents it, has also been incorporated by Bea Benkova, and is present in her programs at the GIFEW Institute, a platform made to converge different systems and create a new planetary culture.

 Araretama educational system includes vibrational essences. Why is more effective to grow with them?

They are bio-imprints and can be understood in quantum biology and neuroscience. Inside the essences is matrix information that works with our emotions. The use of the essences is important because they help our limitations to become flexible, which is fundamental for new developments. They help to access the instinct level, which is where we concentrate our selfishness, fear to share, wish to maintain the comfort zone, because it is linked to our biological behaviour of separation and hierarchy. Araretama essences touch this dimension, and teach us to consciously choose a different instinctive model, as the Rainforest does.

Araretama essences are made from huge ancestral trees, bush flowers, bromeliads, orchids, aerial roots, lichens, and mushrooms from the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. They can be used to balance emotional difficulties, as well as to open up new potential and awaken talents and new perceptions for self-development. They do not present biochemical elements – despite water and alcohol to preserve the water – and can be used at any age, correctly following the instructions. They do not substitute for any doctors or medicine, and shall be used as complementary practice for the emotional dimension.

Through them, the forest teaches us to reach and understand our inner biodiversity: what happens inside us, our dichotomies, and how to handle them.

Araretama Educational System offers several original programs for personal grow and   essences are always included:

Mandala Araretama – to become flexible in behavior and develop empathy;

Masters of Success – to find our talents, passion and to direct them to the right way;

Wealth Mandala – to become active and begin to build our dreams;

Wise Wo-Man – to understand and develop our 3 ecologies;

Secrets of Life – to develop our creativity
many others programs which are as a merge of ancestral and rainforest wisdom (7 subtle bodies; shamanic archetypes; the 13 clan mothers; Tantric Goddesses)

Sandra Epstein creates also Bespoke Lines of essences – Extraordinary Line for Bea Benkova coaching and mentoring programs; TREND-I – program for the company vision, its directors and employees to maintain their focus; synergy self-management model.

All different lines of essences carry inside the biological wisdom of communion from the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. They all maintain the same quality and the difference is that Bespoke Lines contain specific flowers and plants directed to their purpose.

* HeartMath – The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds at home, school, work and play. http://www.heartmath.org/