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About Us

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) is a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious women leaders around the world to bring about the new culture based on expressing feminine qualities.

GIFEW education brings together over 8 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring and connecting women leaders from five continents and across different sectors and domains including leading women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals in diverse areas. GIFEW’s unique combination of modern, effective and cutting edge distinctions, development tools and educational approaches includes The Authentic and Integrated Women’s Leadership model, consciousness of the Atlantic rainforest, Araretama Extraordinary vibrational essences and modern communication technology.

GIFEW transformational educational programs – individual, group, online, live – are taking women leaders up the spectrum of consciousness, purpose and performance whilst causing meaningful difference in real world.

This allows for:

Multi-dimensional learning using a holistic method that allows women to be authentically expressed, develop and integrate all important parts of their life, and accelerate the fulfilment of their purpose and vision

Transformational approach facilitates shifts both energy and mindset of what is possible in relationship with Self, others and the world one lives in and cares about.

Fruitfully connecting – synapsing – within a network of conscious women leaders to create meaningful synergetic collaboration

Discovering and practicing the qualities of the new culture

Stepping up and leading by leveraging the feminine qualities in one’s teams, organisations, businesses, family, community and society.

Since it’s creation GIFEW has trained and connected hundreds of women leaders around
the globe.

Bea Benkova: Why did you found GIFEW

GIFEW's tale

What is GIFEW about

Constellation of Extraordinary Women

Why Global Institute for Extraordinary Women?

We are at a critical moment in the history of our planet—a time of massive economic adjustment, major geopolitical shifts and turbulent social and political change in many countries across the world.

This is coupled with rapid technological and scientific development. We are witnessing the birth and growth of many positive initiatives in our world, yet we are also witnessing the breakdown and collapse of many structures. Witness changes in parts of the banking sector, the effects of climate change and the unsustainable consumption of Earth’s precious resources. It is our current culture that has precipitated these crises and breakdowns—a culture which many believed to be permanent.

This moment presents humanity with a unique opportunity to establish a new culture. It is out of the recognition that we are at this critical point that The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women was first envisioned, and then founded.

Why Women?

Our current culture is one in which competition, individualism and the pursuit of domination as an expression of the survival of the fittest are over-emphasised, prized and encouraged as the default way of operating.

Humanity urgently needs a new culture to bring balance to this current model. This new culture is founded on the female-centric qualities of collaboration, co-operation, nurturing, service, circularity and a specific method of organization and structure, which take into account the diverse needs and requirements of all people and factors at play. These qualities promote the understanding of the vital importance of our diversity and inter-connectedness. It highlights the importance of the individual as well as the whole—which in turn strengthens the resilience and sustainability of everything we create.

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is dedicated to nurturing and developing the inherent qualities that tend to come naturally to women, and to empowering Extraordinary Women to deliver on a crucial service to humanity—a service from which those women will also derive deep personal fulfillment and joy.

What about Men?

While we emphasise the intrinsic value and importance of the role of Extraordinary Women in transforming our planet, we also value and acknowledge the importance of men.

Indeed, the transformation of humanity is not possible without engaging, co-creating and working harmoniously in partnership with men.

It is time for us to take responsibility for the current individualistic culture we have created, and to bring balance and harmony to our planet by co-creating a new culture - a culture based on paying attention to and valuing one another in all our magnificent diversity. A culture that frees male-centric qualities—such as direction, linearity, logic, and the impetus to protect and take action—to be expressed in a way that is non-oppositional. Within the new culture, all of our qualities, whether we perceive them as male-centric or female-centric, fit perfectly within the complete spectrum of qualities needed for humanity to thrive.

Is the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women for me?

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women naturally and powerfully attracts women who are aligned with our Vision and Purpose.

  • Are you committed to a Vision bigger than yourself, your family and your local community? Or, do you want to discover this level of Vision for yourself?
  • Are you, or do you want to be, powerfully living your Purpose and creating a Legacy?
  • Is your Vision aligned with the transformation of the planet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is definitely for you.

The New Culture and Biodiversity

Our vision is that in the new culture, women and men operate together harmoniously at an entirely new level.

We embrace and emphasise empathy, respect, collaboration and co-operation. By paying attention to one another, we create a world in which everybody has a voice. Men and women are freed from oppositional conversations about our male-centric and female-centric qualities; instead we integrate our common human qualities of perception, intuition, organisation, direction, ambition, purpose, joyfulness, pleasure, action and service.

Our unique approach

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a space—both virtual and physical—for women to meet and be empowered in such a way that they develop and apply their insight in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women. This is designed in alignment with the geometry that operates powerfully and harmoniously in nature and specifically in the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversity on Earth.

This geometry refers to the precise, optimal positioning of each individual woman in the Constellation, which both enhances and optimises the individual woman’s power as well as the power of the whole Constellation. When, as part of the Constellation of Extraordinary Women, we are aligned with the geometry of the rainforest, we vibrate our purpose in the world. This causes the highest level of convergence, collaboration and co-creation, and the highest level of effectiveness and power in fulfilling our purpose and establishing our legacy.

Modelling Atlantic Rainforest geometry represents a radical shift from an ‘either/or’, competitive, win-lose paradigm of to a new paradigm of ‘both/and’—collaboration, co- operation and synergy: the new culture.

The moment this geometry is in place, it opens a new gateway through which the new culture will be established.

Environment and Experience

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is an environment in which the geometry of the Constellation, and the woman’s unique place in the Constellation is experienced by the woman, through:


Our transformational educational programmes for life-long growth and development focus on discovering, who you are and why you are here at a deeply authentic level, and how your authentic self can be most powerfully expressed in your work, in business, in relationships and in the world—for the benefit of others and for your own deep fulfillment.

Connecting and Collaborating:

Connections and collaborations are powerfully enhanced because of the unique design of the Constellation, and because we empower women to develop and nurture high-quality, extremely effective and uniquely productive relationships.