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Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) is a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious women leaders around the world. 

We have over 11 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring and connecting women leaders from five different continents and across different sectors and domains including leading women executives, entrepreneurs, professionals working in diverse areas.

At GIFEW we personally feel now it is more important than ever for us as citizens to step up and connect together, to collaborate to make our societies just, sustainable and united.

We believe we cannot move forward unless we move forward together.

This space is dedicated to You and all other Extraordinary Women.

Whether you are a women entrepreneur, manager, doctor, scientist, artist, politician, activist or a leader without title – we believe that you are an Extraordinary women if you stand for a compelling and meaningful vision for the world, inspire other people, lead teams and mobilise resources to fulfil your vision, and if you are committed to making a difference beyond just your family and organisation – in your wider community and on this planet.

Now is the time and opportunity for women to step up, stand for what matters, take a lead and collaborate. And many women already do or are beginning to.

Why is it so important now? As carriers of critical qualities and values for this new era in our society, we women naturally bring what is needed to build an inclusive, resilient, sustainable world. Through our feminine qualities such as intuition, vision, care, nurturing, compassion, connection and collaboration we can uniquely lead, enrich and help transform our communities, society and civilisation.


GIFEW Purpose

Transforming humanity through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women.


GIFEW Promise

GIFEW is committed that every woman leader with a vision for the world creates and lives a fulfilled, authentic and integrated life on her way to fulfil on her purpose and legacy. We provide a space and field for conscious women leaders to accelerate and share their transformation, lead authentically, mobilise resources and expresses her feminine qualities in a way that creates synergetic collaboration with other women and men for the larger good of our communities, society and civilisation.


Are you ready and committed to grow

and explore your true potential, live a fulfilled life

and make a difference?


If yes, we are happy to lead the way for your transformation bringing GIFEW’s proven approach exclusively developed for women leaders and over 11 year’s practice with women change makers on 5 continents.

Constellation Mentoring Program

                        Women Leading Social Change Together


                        Global Social Change Summit 2017 is over! 


Women from 45 nationalities and 71 countries joined and watched our Global Social Change Summit! 


Four tips on how you can decode the Extraordinary Woman inside of you

Ideas that you can start building on today!
It will cost you some effort, a few minor or major changes, but believe me, the result is worth it!

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GIFEW's tale

Roger Hamilton on GIFEW

Introducing: "Life is now"

by Bea Benkova

Life is Now - 21 Days with Bea Benkova is a book - an interview with Bea, in which the journalist Jaroslava Timkova uncovers not only her private life, but also delves deep inside.

It tracks her evolution from childhood, through her successful career as a banker in London, to today's work as an ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women. She was brought to this work inspired by the illness and premature death of her mother. The experience of pain forced her to fully realize that Life is Now! When we postpone anything significant for another time, it is as though we put aside our entire lives ...

From the stories of her clients, and from her own experience, Bea Benkova has extracted a series of anecdotes, inspirations and techniques for personal growth and relationship building. The book is written in a welcoming light style, bringing the readers inspiration and guidance on how to live a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

We have prepared a free sample of selected stories from the book just for you.

Download FREE Sample of the book

Just fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the download link. You will also be one of the first to know when the English version of the book will be out in spring 2015.

Happy reading...

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What is Suri?

Suri is an unusual flower from the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, and is being researched by Sandra Epstein inside Araretama educational system. Araretama Extraordinary Line - vibrational essences are part of GIFEW transformational educational programmes.

The qualities characterising suri are: building connections, synapsing with others with joy, building constellations of collaborations,being authentic.

These qualities are one of the basic pillar of GIFEW's transformational educational programs. The photographs and images of suri are inspiringly reminding these qualities and beautifying the space GIFEW is creating.